‘Recovery Visa’ Launched by New Zealand for Overseas Professionals

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The government of New Zealand has unveiled a new visa for foreign workers. Cyclone Gabrielle’s devastation and flooding prompted New Zealand to introduce the Recovery Visa. Skilled migrant workers could work nationwide for up to six months through the Recovery Visa.

With this new Visa’s introduction, more foreign experts will be able to travel to New Zealand to assist with emergency response, clean-up, risk assessment, infrastructure and housing stabilisation and repair, and direct recovery help. 

The New Zealand government has introduced the Recovery Visa to speed up the entry of foreign experts who can aid in the nation’s recovery from recent weather-related disasters. An immediate entry visa for skilled workers from New Zealand is known as a “recovery visa,” which enables them to assist with the ongoing tragedy in a variety of ways, including direct recovery support, risk assessment, emergency response, infrastructure and housing stabilisation and repair, and clean-up.

It is not the first time that New Zealand has changed its rules on work visas. Similar visa arrangements aimed towards recovery were announced by the government in the wake of the Christchurch and Kaikoura earthquakes.

Michael Wood, the Minister of Immigration for New Zealand, added that under the Recovery Visa, foreign professionals might arrive in New Zealand fairly immediately. 

Who Can Apply for New Zealand’s Recovery Visa?

The following support must be provided by the applicants in accordance with immigration law:

  • Assess loss or risk
  • Respond to emergencies
  • Stabilisation and restoration of the built environment, including houses (including planning functions)
  • The recovery (e.g., producing relevant materials for road rebuild, transport drivers, etc.)

Industries that give indirect support (such as businesses in the impacted areas that are experiencing an increase in demand for services) are not eligible to apply. Moreover, the Visa will not be available to fill positions left open by workers quitting their jobs to assist in the recovery.

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