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Do You Want to Build a Career Abroad?

If Europe is the region where you wish to settle and want to begin a new chapter of your life, New Heights Overseas is here for you!


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    Start a Brand-New Life in A European Country with New Heights Overseas

    The world is full of opportunities, isn’t it? It is blooming with the abundantly high job and career avenues. There are several ground-breaking pathways that are just waiting for you to discover. And one of the regions that have been tremendously generous when it comes to building an extravagant life in a career of your choice in Europe. Back in the day, it might have been a thing of extreme work but today, obtaining a Europe PR visa from India is extremely easy and swift. With the best agencies for Europe PR from India, like New Heights Overseas, the sky is where you set the limit.

    Countries in the EU region have multiple benefits. In the Better Life Index, Europe has always celebrated a higher ranking which gives it an edge over other countries in the world. Many software giants are expanding in European Countries, and not to forget, Europe has already been home to some of the strongest digital economies, which mean better job opportunities.

    The region is brimming with job opportunities, a better living standard, a great work-life balance, generous public holidays, reasonable working hours, and better social and job security. In addition to this, many European countries even offer numerous unemployment benefits; isn’t that something to ponder upon? Definitely yes!

    These are just some of the many benefits that you get after getting a PR visa for Europe from India. The list has several advantages which make it a very attractive career destination. Now that you have seen the list of benefits of getting a PR, this is the time to choose a PR partner who can help you avail of your permanent residency visa without any inconvenience.

    Our PR visa for Europe consultants in Delhi will guide you and assist you in the complete process of getting a PR visa for Europe from India.

    How do we Help in Getting Your EU PR?

    We being one of the best agencies for Europe PR from India, follow a step-by-step approach to assisting our clients in obtaining a Permanent Residency Visa. 

    First, we review the complete set of documents that are due for submission. The next step is to prepare our interviewees for the interview process through counselling sessions. We have seasoned and qualified experts who work in coordination with the Visa authority offices and handle the Visa formalities with the utmost attention. We provide comprehensive assistance to our clients, identify and resolve any discrepancies if any, and offer full support to clients during the course of their Visa application.

    This is not all, as we even extend Post-Landing services in which we assist our clients even after they reach abroad. Our POCs in the EU region will do the respective landholding for them and help clients in getting their accommodation and other requirements.

    Connect with New Heights Overseas for Exclusive PR Visa Consultation

    If you dream of settling in a country from the EU Region, we are here to help you. At New Heights Overseas, our best visa consultants in India will provide you with assured assistance at every single step till you reach your dream destination. We are the leading PR visa for Europe consultants in Delhi. So, what’s keeping you from it? Book your counselling session and connect with us right away!