Preparing your Canada Permanent Residence Application: 7 Easy Steps!

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Canada is one of the most popular immigration destinations. It is the perfect place for everyone to live, work, and establish themselves permanently in the country due to its high standard of living, fantastic professional opportunities, and secure environment.

The maple country also extends an invitation to immigrants through a variety of immigration pathway programmes, which include procedures that are rather simple and quick to process visas. So, if you’re looking to settle here, connect with the best permanent resident consultant for Canada

1. Determine the program(s) for which you might qualify

Within its three main categories(economic, family class, refugee & humanitarian), Canada provides a wide variety of immigration options. Some applications use points, whilst others do not. While some programmes do not work, some operate on a first-come, first-served basis. On the other hand, other programmes demand a sponsor. And although some programmes are perpetually available, others are not.

2. Think getting advice and/or representation from an expert

There is no denying that choosing the right program to settle in Canada can be difficult, but it’s crucial to remember that you can not submit the Canada PR application by yourself. It is advised to connect with the best consultant. A consultant with reputable, knowledgeable Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) who can respond to your inquiries, thoroughly describe the procedure, and, if you desire, represent you before the Canadian immigration authorities.

3. Follow your checklist

There isn’t a single checklist for Canadian immigration. Depending on your unique situation and the immigration category you are applying to, IRCC will issue a customized checklist as part of your Canada PR application. It’s crucial that you adhere to every suggestion on this checklist because it was created based on your particular set of circumstances.

4. When submitting a Canada PR application, be thorough and correct

The IRCC anticipates you to provide the materials in the exact order stated because the checklist is created with you in mind. Suppose for any reason, this is not practicable. In that case, IRCC may be willing to hear a justification for why this is the case (often in the form of a letter of explanation, plus some supporting documents, if available).

5. CRS Rating

After completing the application form, the candidate is given a score used as a cut-off to evaluate applications. You can apply for a Canada PR visa if you receive the necessary CRS score.

6. Express Entry Draw 

The applicant then has to wait until the Express Entry Pool draw, which happens on a regular basis. Candidates who are ranked higher than a particular threshold are invited to PR.

7. Request for Applications (ITA)

You will be sent an invitation to apply if your rating is higher (ITA). You have 60 days from the time you receive it to apply for PR.


Anyone may apply for permanent residence in Canada, but only those who meet the requirements will be considered. Get in touch with New Heights Overseas immediately to see if you qualify for permanent residency. We are also one of the best study abroad consultants in India to advise you on higher study, career, and relocation.