Six Things To Consider Before Migrating To Malta

Beauty of Malta lies at the heart of the Mediterranean and with year-round sunshine you can be sure that your Malta immigration will give you the opportunity to enjoy some excellent Malta culture, and work life and experience the unique laid-back lifestyle that this sunshine island has to offer. For those of you who enjoy the sea, beaches, and swimming and want to live near the best beaches and stunning lagoons then you must migrate here. Due to its magnificent beauty and life culture, it attracts lots of students who want to explore its beauty and standard of living with education. So, students who are aspiring to study here must consult with the leading overseas education consultants for Malta.

Malta excursions are varied and if your interests include history, there are 7000 years of it. If you have never visited Malta before you can consider yourself lucky that you have it all to look forward to. Malta immigration is thriving, with so much to see and so many things to do in Malta. Even if you want to go on a trip to Malta, it should be on your list of ‘the first places to visit. Malta attracts lakhs of people across the world annually who have decided to make a living and study here. In this blog, we will further discuss important factors that you must consider before moving here.

Whether you are thinking about moving to Malta for education, work, business, or retirement, you must consider 6 things before moving to Malta

  • Verified Passport and Documentation 

With strict laws regarding living, Malta requires fully proofed verified documents. Bringing originals or certified copies of rental and lease agreements, letters of recommendation, medical records, bank statements, credit card statements, utility bills in your name, work references, and birth, marriage, or divorce certificates or documentation will help you to reside over here easily. To know the list of all certified necessary documents takes advice from an overseas education consultant for Malta.

  •  Cost of living 

When it comes to the cost of studying, working, and living in Malta, especially for Indian students, then you can expect affordable expenses in all the above cases. Malta is home to private as well as state-run public universities which offer courses at economical tuition fees to international students.

  •   Public Transport

With no train facilities,  you need to rent a car or buy yourself a bus card as it will allow you to board public buses that travel the entire country. The bus card is localized and can be recharged with an amount. The fares are quite cheap for students.

  • Accommodation in Malta

One of the best advantages of your Malta immigration is that you have a variety of accommodations to choose from. You can choose from self-serving to good service quality hotels. Additionally, you can even choose between different packages of rented properties offerings and separate costing. The students can prefer discounted accommodation to stay.

  •  Malta’s work scene

Try to apply for a job before you migrate here as it will make monetary and mitigating factors easier, otherwise speak to a Study in Malta Consultants in Delhi. Registering for a job once you have completed your paperwork to go through but straightforward as a process. There are 2 big sectors where you can easily grab jobs in Malta i.e hospitality and gaming. Having a work contract will lend a lot of credibility regarding everything, from renting a property to getting a bank account.

  •  Diverse and rich culture

If you want to immerse yourself in Maltese culture and learn more about the locals, you can easily do so by communicating in English as English is the preferred language in Malta. Throughout the years, Malta has had a lot to influence its visitors. Additionally, if you are looking for a different interest or entertainment venture, you can easily travel to any part of the island for different interests. You can even travel to the island of Gozo which is only a mere hour away! There is something for all to enjoy in Malta.

How to Get a Student Visa in Malta?

While there are some exceptions for EU citizens, non-EU nationals need to obtain a student visa, preferably a Schengen visa, to study in Malta. In order to apply for a student visa, you need to reach out to the overseas education consultants for Malta to understand the process. 

Here are the key document essentials you must check before making your student visa application to study in Malta:

  • Duly filled visa application form
  • Valid passport
  • Passport-sized photos 
  • Acceptance letter from the university 
  • Proof of travel insurance must be covering your duration of the study 
  • Proof of sufficient financial funds. 
  • Proof of travel plans
  • The visa application fee 
  • Make sure you get extra photocopies 
  • A self-addressed special envelope will be of help for the embassy to post back your passports as well as other documents once the decision has been made.

So, if you are a student and planning to move here to build a prosperous future, then you must consult New Heights Overseas to enjoy the seamless immigration experience.