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    Move to Canada for an Improved Standard of Living

    Canada has forever been known as a country full of life, career opportunities, job avenues, a comfortable lifestyle, and an enhanced standard of living. The nation has immigrant-friendly policies which make it convenient for people from across the world to settle there. Due to this, many people dream of having PR for Canada from India.

    It’s a land that promises job opportunities and personal freedom, which is exactly what every person wants to have in life. With a Canada Permanent Resident Visa from India, a non-Canadian citizen can be given permanent resident status. However, the validity of the PR visa is only five years which needs to be renewed once it reaches its expiration.

    People must note that a PR does not necessarily make them a citizen of Canada, as they are still a citizen of their native country. But if someone applies PR to Canada from India, there are several benefits that fall in the PR holder’s lap. They can apply for Canadian Citizenship in the future. They can live, work, and study anywhere in Canada. Just like Canadian citizens, PR holders are also eligible for healthcare and social benefits. In addition to this, PR holders are also granted protection under Canadian Law.

    To apply for PR in Canada from India, one needs to go through an application process. A point-based system is used to find out the eligibility for a PR visa in Canada based upon which PR status is approved. Factors like age, language proficiency, educational qualification, past work experience, etc., hold substantial significance in this point-based system.

    The Permanent Residency Status can be availed by different immigration programs, some of which are mentioned below:

    • Express Entry Program
    • Business Immigration program
    • Provincial Nominee Program
    • Experience Class Immigration
    • Family Class Immigration

    All these programs vary from one another. At New Heights Overseas, we have an expert team of the best Canada immigration consultants in Delhi who are available 24*7 to guide you through the PR process for Canada. If Canada is where you have always dreamt of settling in, applying PR to Canada from India is your best bet, and we are here for that.

    New Heights Overseas is the best permanent resident consultant for Canada. We have professionally equipped and resourceful consultants who offer complete assistance with your Canada permanent resident visa from India. Right from managing your documentation to filling an error-proof application form, from pre-departure services to post-landing services, we provide a complete cover to our clients so that there is no chance for any uncalled inconvenience.

    Canadian PR Process with New Heights Overseas

    • Assisting clients in formulating their PR application
    • Reviewing the complete set of documents before submissions
    • Preparing clients for their visa interviews through intensive counselling
    • Counselling for clients for pre-departure procedures
    • Keeping regular updates with the Visa Authority office
    • Ensuring PR is issued within a limited time frame
    • Addressing client queries and providing required advice
    • Identifying and rectifying discrepancies during Visa Application
    • Helping clients settle in Canada with our POC assistance