Your Guide to Business Investment Visa in Australia

Australia is a dream country for many across the country. Keeping in view the facilities available, Australia has consistently experienced a hike in the number of immigrants. The advantages of immigration to Australia have fluctuated over time and among several groups. Many migrants have been drawn upon to the nation in the hope of getting a better life, economic opportunity as well as relief from conflict in their countries. There are several visa categories to get your Australia permanent residency for Indian. Amongst many visa categories, one most prominent is the business investment visa. This article has all the information that you must know about the business investment visa in Australia. 

 Australia permanent residency in India

About business investment visa

Subclass 188 

It has 5 streams inclined through the Business Innovation and Investment Program. Out of these 4 streams permit applicants to be nominated by a state government.

  • 188 – Business Innovation stream

For people having business skills and aim to establish, formulate and organise a new or prevailing business in the island country. One requires nomination from the state government 

  • 188 – Investor stream

For those with great net-worth and willingness to invest a minimum amount of A$2.5 million into investments in Australia. You must as well be nominated by a state government.

  • 188 – Entrepreneur stream

Victoria is not open to applications under this stream. Current subclass 188E visa holders can however see the information on this page.

  • 188 – Crucial Investor stream

For those of high net-worth willing to invest  A$5 million into complying investments and maintain investment activity. One is required to be nominated by a state government.

  • 188 – Extension stream

For those required to extend stay in Victoria to give more time to meet the regulations for the permanent residence visa.

This is all you need to know before choosing this as you visa category.

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