All About New Rules For Australia Study Visa Requirements in 2022

Australia has become a new hotspot for international students across the sails, who want to pursue higher studies, but now you need to know new laws to get a student visa to Australia. According to NRI Affairs, The new rules for Australia Student Visa 2022, which went into effect on July 1, these new rules are in favor of international students & making it a little bit more convenient and flexible for them to apply.  And to process them in a better way you must contact the best study abroad consultant in India.

Since the turn of the century, the Australian Immigration policies have focused on a shift towards International Students and skilled people on working visas. International students after completing their education in Australia get a chance to enhance their skills by seeking employment through the post-study work rights thereby filling the skill gaps. But now to continue your study or seek a new study program you need to follow upcoming new laws on the Australia study visa requirements before you migrate to Australia.

New Rules on the Australia Study Visa Requirements

  • The country officially welcomes international students across the world.

After the Covid outrage, The Government of Australia resumed offering the international study visa across the sails. However, it means that when the Government of Australia reopens the border for the international students, then they will surely already have their visas with them & will surely carry on with their important travel arrangements.

  • Post-work-study visa

Students who were affected by the traveling-related restrictions from March 20, 2020, now can apply to get the Temporary Graduate (Subclass 485) visa from outside Australia.

  • Online classes

 According to new laws, The Government of Australia completely favored all international students. All online educational classes that were taken outside Australia due to the pandemic as a part of the Australian Study Requirement for existing and newly admitted students.

  • Extension of the student visa free of cost

International students who couldn’t complete their studies during the pandemic can surely be able to apply for a student visa free of cost, free of the application charge. 

  • Ample time to submit documents

The Australian Government is also offering more time to the students so they can submit the results of the English Language, which has been disrupted since March 2020, because of COVID-19. The Government is providing them more time to fulfill their other crucial requirements.

  • The post-study work visa

International students who hold student visas now will be able to apply for a post-study work visa. To know more consult the best study consultant abroad in India.

  • Government Will Provide the maximum perks to international students.

The Australian Government is consistently taking care of the international students in terms of providing solutions to those who are already stuck in Australia for more than 12 months just because of the pandemic. The Government of Australia enables the students to get access to their Australian superannuation (FUNDS) on time. Thus taking extra care to protect the international student from all monetary and living problems.

For Smooth Australia Visa Processing Consult The best Study Consultant Abroad In India

There are various codes of Conduct that are difficult to understand. Therefore, you must contact  the best Study Consultant Abroad In India who undoubtedly has enormous knowledge regarding new laws on student visa programs. A Trusted migration agent is nicely aware of those shifting tendencies. New Heights, one of the leading and best Australian student visa consultants in Delhi can help you in driving your Australia Visa process.