Benefits of Completing Higher Education in Australia

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Leaving everything behind and studying abroad is one of the most critical decisions a student has to make to ‘make their life’. Apart from studying, one has to come across a lot of challenges, meet new people and catch hold of exciting opportunities. But first, one needs to decide the college and country they wish to study in. And if Australia is one such country on your list, then this article is curated just to help you make an informed decision. Here, you will learn the benefits of studying in Australia, and then you can connect with the best Australian student visa consultants in Delhi

1. High-Quality Life:

Melbourne is counted amongst the best global cities and holds third place for a high quality of life and living standards. Thanks to quality education, healthcare facilities, and cost of living, Australia is considered significantly great for living. Due to this, cities like Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth are added to the list of the best 50 cities. In addition to this, Melbourne also scored well on the student mix index, which indicates that Australian cities accept people from all cultures, identities and lifestyles. The country now offers one of the best international student lifestyles in the world. 

2. High-quality Education:

Australia is well known for offering top-notch education amenities, exciting campus life, qualified academics and an array of employment prospects. Universities in Australia extend world-class facilities and their module training methodologies- which makes them the best choices for studies abroad. The finely curated curriculum focuses on learning outcomes such as Linguistic ability, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Ethical thinking, Analytical thinking and much more. 

3. Work opportunities post-work:

Australia has developed more programmes that increase employment chances for both local and international students. International students who successfully complete their studies are given post-study work permits valid for at least two years by the Australian government. Below listed are three different visas for students with different educational backgrounds: 

  1. Temporary Graduate Visa- Post-Study Workstream
  2. Temporary Graduate Visa- Graduate Workstream
  3. Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa

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4. An array of Scholarships:

The Australian Government, educational institutions, and Non-Profit Organisations support international students through the introduction of multiple scholarship schemes, bursaries, and financial assistance. If students avail of these scholarships, their tuition fees will be reduced considerably. Universities like the University of Melbourne, the University of Adelaide, the University of Sydney, RMIT University, and Deakin University all offer scholarships on an individual basis. The scholarships range from completely funded to 10% of the tuition fees, and they are available for undergraduate, graduate, and research degrees. You can connect with the best visa consultants to learn more about the scholarships you can apply for. 

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5. Easy Access to student visas:

International students who wish to enrol in Australian universities must first get a student visa. The Department of Home Affairs grants this visa to anyone who lives outside of Australia. Regardless of your nation of origin, you are required to meet the following requirements in order to apply.

  • Proof of Funds
  • Financial Requirements
  • English Proficiency requirements such as Language Test(LSRW)
  • Health Certification
  • Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)

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