Busted: 5 Common Myths Of Studying in Australia

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Australia has long been recognized as one of the best places to study. In reality, the international student population has already risen from 2014 to 2020s. Around 512,855 overseas students were registered in the country in 2021, which is still a significant number amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Even though Australia is a popular study location for students worldwide, there are still many myths about studying there.

Continue reading to learn more about these myths that the best visa consultant in India busts.

1. There are very few scholarships available.

Fact: Thankfully, many merits- or exam-based study abroad scholarships are available for you to apply for. The scholarship application process is usually straightforward; make sure you submit everything on time. Be careful to conduct a thorough study beforehand and take advantage of any available alternatives to lessen your financial burden.

2. The cost of studying in Australia is too high.

The first thought that typically enters one’s mind when considering studying in a nationally recognized university for its high standard of living, high GDP, and well-known holiday spot is typical that it is too expensive.

However, there are study programmes in Australia that can be enrolled at a lower cost, depending on your needs, objectives, and capacity. Australia has a large selection of short-term study programmes that often last for one to two weeks, a month, or even less. So, it is not true that Australia is too expensive for study purposes. 

3. You Can’t Work While You’re a student.

International students frequently cannot work, not even a part-time job, while they are studying in their host country. Many people also believe that it is difficult to work while studying in Australia or that the number of people who can do so is very small.

This is not the case, and while juggling employment and the academy in the past was more challenging, it is not the case today. Most international students are now permitted to work up to 40 hours every two weeks (aside from during holidays) unless they are enrolled in a scholarship programme.

4. Australia exclusively offers study-abroad opportunities to local students!

It is untrue that only local students can participate in study abroad programmes; in reality, any student who wants to do so can usually do so. Students from around the world come to Australia for better opportunities in terms of study and standard of living. 

5. Making Friends in Australia is Tough.

Making friends in Australia would be easy, contrary to another widespread misperception about studying abroad there. The majority of the time, this is not the case, and many Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) typically go above and beyond to help international students feel at home in Australia.

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