2022 Step-By-Step guidelines for Canada Express Entry

pr for canada from india

The easiest method to immigrate to Canada is through express entry. Express entry is a merit-based immigration system program that compares all qualified applicants and invites the top-scoring applicants to apply for Canadian permanent resident status. However, this does not necessarily imply that everyone can use express entry to immigrate to Canada. Through the express entry immigration screening process, people and families worldwide can migrate to Canada within a few months. But students can use a Canada student visa from India to study in Canada.

There are several PR for Canada from India steps to take before applying for Canada Express Entry. These include:

1. Take the language proficiency test:

The first thing you should do is pass the language test. You’ll need to show your linguistic skills in either English, French, or both. You must either take TOEFL or IELTS to demonstrate your command of the English language.

2. Setup your profile:

The next step is to make your express entry profile. This is possible on the IRCC website. You will be required to provide personal information while registering your profile. To continue with the application, you must enter valid information.

3. Education credentials assessment:

Complete the Education Credentials Assessment (ECA) as the next step. You should complete the evaluation of your educational qualifications if you have studied outside of Canada. You might receive up to 150 points from this for your comprehensive ranking system score, which will help you further get PR for Canada from India.

4. Provincial nomination program:

It’s optional to apply for the provincial nomination programme. If you’re interested, you can consider applying for one of the several provincial nomination programmes. 

5. Obtain the application invitation:

After submitting your application, you will be added to a pool of applicants for permanent residency. After then, random drawings will be conducted among the pool of applicants. People who score higher than a certain cut-off score will be allowed to apply to become permanent residents of Canada.

6. Full criminal background checks and medical records:

The next stage is to finish your background checks for both your criminal and medical histories. A physician given the go-ahead by Canada’s immigration department shall do a thorough medical inspection. The same applies to those looking for a Canada student visa from India.

7. Getting the PR status:

If your application complies with the rules and is approved after being evaluated, you will be given a Canada PR visa. You may be eligible for some categories where your application will be processed more quickly.

8. Apply for a PR card:

The next thing you should do is apply for a PR card. This confirms that you are qualified to enter Canada. The procedure for immigration to Canada may be thought of as ending with this phase.