Study in Malta for Indian Students: Requirements, Cost & Benefits

Malta study visa consultants in Delhi

The number of students pursuing higher education overseas significantly changed in the past ten years. The US, Canada, and the UK are the top choices for most students pursuing higher education in western nations. Many students consider the opportunities to study in the top colleges and the student willingness to hunt for better opportunities abroad. Indeed, one such nation that has lately been added to the top picks of many people who want to travel overseas is Malta. If you’re considering going to Malta this year or next, choose the best education consultants in Delhi who can guide you through the overall process. 

Benefits of Studying in Malta

There are numerous benefits to choosing Malta as your location for higher education. Some of them are given below:

  • Malta has a cutting-edge educational system with top-notch engineering, medicine, and arts programmes.
  • Vibrant academic environment and the world’s fifth-best healthcare system.
  • After earning degrees from Malta’s educational institutions and universities, several employment choices are accessible.
  • Since English is one of Malta’s official languages, studying it is advantageous for English speakers.
  • Excellent weather, a strong economy, and free health care.
  • Applying for permanent residency in Malta is simple.
  • Malta is a reasonably priced location to study. It will be simple for students to balance living there and attending school.

The Cost of Living in Malta for International Students

In comparison to the nation’s excellent quality of student life, Malta’s cost of living for students is considerably lower, much like its tuition prices. Malta, the smallest nation in the EU, contributes relatively little in exchange for its stunning beaches, top-notch academic system, and vibrant culture.

Anyone planning to attend school in Malta should typically budget between 800 and 1000 euros per month to cover all of their costs, not including university tuition fees but student housing, local transportation costs, and entertainment costs.

To protect against any potential health problems you could experience while residing in Malta, you should consider getting health insurance.

Malta student visa requirements & eligibility criteria:

To study in Malta, an international student must meet certain conditions and be eligible for a student visa or a Schengen visa.

  • Filled-out application for a student visa
  • The legitimate visa that the Maltese government accepts
  • A photograph the size of a passport, as required by the Malta Embassy or Consulate
  • A letter of acceptance from the Maltese university
  • A legitimate certificate of health or travel insurance
  • Genuine proof of having enough money to study in Malta, such as bank statements and a passport
  • Confirmation of the present address
  • An airline ticket as evidence of intended travel
  • Following the embassy or consulate’s rules, the visa application fee must be paid.
  • Additional copies of the academic papers and the necessary documentation

If you want to study in Malta but need help getting started, get associated with the best Malta study visa consultants in Delhi. New Heights Overseas will help you throughout the entire process, from choosing the university to completing the admissions-related procedures. So, why are you still waiting? Contact us right away to schedule your consultation!