Australia opening its borders for Permanent Immigration – Welcoming 35,000 to 195,000 Immigrants

As the nation struggles with skills and labour shortages, the Australian Government has announced an increased intake of immigrants. The present Home Affairs Minister Claire O’Neil announced this increase during a two-day summit of government representatives, trade unions, and industry and business representatives to address the ongoing skill shortage. However, in December last year, skilled workers were allowed to return. The Minister has also stated that due to the shortage of ground staff, Australian nurses have been working overtime. They are working double and triple shifts for the past 2 years which is why the shortage of labour needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

We always put Australian employment first, and that’s why the summit has devoted so much time to training and the engagement of women and other marginalized groups, according to O’Neill. On Thursday, the opening day of the Jobs and Skills Summit, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese stated that 180,000 places would be offered in vocational education institutions next year at a cost of 1.1 billion Australian dollars (USD748,000), in an effort to address the country’s skills shortage.

Owing to the pandemic, Australia implemented some of the harshest travel restrictions of any democratic nation for a period of 20 months.