The US Granted 1.25 Lakh Student Visas to Indians, Setting a New Record in 2022

study in US for Indian students

In the year 2022, the United States of America issued almost 1.25 lakh student visas to Indians. Ned Price, the spokesman for the US State Department, told reporters that the US Embassy and consulates in India broke their previous record for the most visas issued in 2022.

According to Ned Price, the US issued almost 1,25,000 student visas to Indians during the fiscal year. In the fiscal year 2022,

Our embassy and consulates in India broke their all-time record for the number of student visas issued in the single fiscal year 2022,” claimed Price.

This information of a new record being set coincides with numerous concerns being voiced about delayed visa issuance. Price added that the US would seek to shorten the wait times for visa interview appointments as soon as possible. The idea of pursuing higher study in US for Indian students is not a far-fetched dream anymore.

We, of course, recognize that some applicants may still face extended visa wait times and we are making every effort to reduce visa interview appointment wait times as quickly as possible, he stated.

In order to grant visas and ensure that they are no longer delayed, the US has reportedly increased the number of US foreign and service professionals.

Visas processing is recovering faster than projected, and over the coming years we expect to reach pre-pandemic processing levels, he told reporters.

Around 82,000 Indian students received US visas in 2022, according to information released earlier in September 2022 by the US Embassy in India. The maximum number of visas ever awarded to a nation was this one. By issuing approximately 1.25 lakh Indians with student visas to pursue their ambition of studying in the United States, the Embassy has now broken this record.

2023 is going to be a bright year for India; the US Embassy official has stated that New Delhi is expected to surpass China in terms of visa approval. India is going to be ranked among the top countries with regard to visa approval.

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