Study Shows International Students Prefer the Province Where they Receive Their First Time

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According to a recent survey of foreign students studying in Canada, in their respective province tend to continue their education or employment there.

The Conference Board of Canada is a non-profit research institution that examines societal challenges, business performance, and public policy-related topics. The Conference Board of Canada notes that there are methods for provincial governments to further improve the retention of international students in the province or territory of study but that there has already been a sizable amount of progress in that direction.

Preferred Settlement Location Even After One Year of Study Permit

Approximately 60% of the students studying in any of the 10 Canadian provinces or three territories chose to stay in that region when their first study permit expired.

The province of Quebec experienced the highest retention rates (about 85%), while Manitoba and Alberta also witnessed retention rates above 80%. Retention rates in five provinces ranged from 70% to 80%. (British Columbia, Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Saskatchewan). Finally, 60% and 70% of the overseas students were still enrolled in Canada’s final two provinces (Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick), together with its three territories.

Over 75% of retained international students remained in-province/in-territory to continue their education in all 13 distinct areas.

Preferred Job Location Even After Three Years of Study Permit’s Expiration

Even three years after their first study visa had expired, if assessed based on the location from which overseas students filed their taxes, a conclusion similar to the one above (after one year) appeared accurate.

To put it another way, most former international students who were still working in Canada three years later chose to remain in their original province of study. In reality, more than 50% of international students remained in their home province or territory in nine of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories, except the Atlantic provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick.

The highest retention rates were observed after three years in Quebec and Alberta, the two provinces with the two highest one-year retention rates.

Strengthening intra-province/territory retention recommendations

According to the Conference Board of Canada, retention will be aided by a post-secondary education system coordinating skill development with regional labour market needs and by continuous strong provincial funding for these institutions because it will enable them to continue offering students a high-quality education.

Additionally, giving international students more Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) slots and enhancing the assistance these foreign nationals receive through settlement services may persuade them to stay in the provinces where they have come to pursue their education.

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