Visa Processing Time Affecting Study Destinations

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In the month of October, some 900 responses were garnered from Navitas Agent Perception Survey. The UK has emerged as one of the strongest performers when it comes to visa processing time. Surprisingly, Canada has stooped down and has gone from bad to worse as more than 40% of the rating came out to be poor/very poor. Both Australia and the US have 59% and 52% good responses, respectively.

The beginning of this year witnessed a warning from the Education Association of Australia (IEAA) that the delays in the student visa processing have come at the worst possible time for the country. Even though the sector welcomed an additional staff for visa processing, concerns still round the inexperienced visa processing teams.

The CEO of IEAA, Phil Honeywood, in a recent interview, has said that while the government was quick to provide funding for the additional staff, he also addressed the problems caused due to the inexperienced visa processing staff.

Workplace stress is still a problem, he warned, with Australia’s Home Affairs department recently reporting a threefold increase in student visa requests from five nations since the start of Covid in 2019. Thailand, Colombia, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bhutan are among the nations mentioned. It is also becoming increasingly difficult for visa assessment officers to tell non-genuine and genuine students apart.

In the case of Canada, there are heavy backlogs. IRCC is not able to achieve the standard processing time of 13 weeks for visa processing. On the other hand, it takes just 3 weeks for permits to be issued in the US and UK. To stay relevant and competitive, Canada must develop a better approach towards visa processing and must ensure speed and integrity.

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