Canada Witnesses an All-Time High for Work Permits Starting from 2022

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Canada immigration is all set to break another record as it welcomes the biggest-ever batch of foreign workers in a calendar year. While the year 2021 saw 414,000 permits being issued, 2022 has issued 200,000 more than the previous year. The work permits are issued between Canada’s two work permit pathways – The temporary Foreign Worker Program and the International Mobility Program. Out of these, the major work permit holders who were welcomed in Canada were under the International Mobility Program. In the year 2022, around 472,070 work permits under the IMP stream came into effect. 

The number of active permits under the IMP and the TFWP has been rising on an annual basis. Only 303,545 IMP work permits were valid as of February 2019. Permits issued under the IMP increased to 310,660 in 2021 after declining slightly in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since 2019, the number of valid work permits issued through the IMP has increased by over 55%. You can learn more about this increase in work permits from study abroad consultants in Noida.

What exactly are TFWP and IMP?

Both these are immigration pathways that issue temporary foreign workers to work and live in Canada. Even though these are both work permits, they are significantly different from one another. 

Since there are actual labour shortages in Canada, the TFWP allows Canadian employers to issue work permits to TFWs. The LMIA is a document used to determine how hiring a foreign national will impact Canada’s labour market, and it is required under the TFWP but not under the IMP. LMIAs are required for work permits to be issued under the Temporary Foreign Workers Program. Unlike the open work permits issued under the IMP, those issued under the TFWP require an LMIA and are, therefore, “employer-specific/LMIA-based.”

Which IMP streams have the most permits?

The following are the streams that saw the most permits coming into effect in 2022:

  • Post-doctoral PhD fellows 
  • Spouse of skilled workers 
  • Medical residents and fellows 
  • Postgraduate employment applicants 
  • Intra-company transfers 
  • Charitable and religious workers 
  • Other IMP participants 

Which TFWP streams had the most permits?

  • Agriculture workers 
  • Other temporary foreign workers with an LMIA 
  • Live-in caregivers 
  • Caregivers 

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