US Immigration on a Roll: Over a Million B1 & B2 Visas from India in 2023!

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The US government is taking the right measures to reduce the waiting period for immigration interviews. Already, the three-year visitation term has been cut to two years. Presently, 1000 visitor visa interview cases for B1 (business visa) and B2 (tourist visa) visas are conducted daily.

The process has changed to make more candidates eligible for interview waivers, among other things. Around two lakh visa applications have already been handled by the Indian embassy and consulates this year. Ninety lakh non-immigrant visa applications were processed by the US Department of State last year from all around the world. 

Increase in the Number of Indians Visiting to the US 

Despite the long lines during the pandemic and the high airfares, the number of Indians visiting the US is rising daily.

The UK and Germany were the top two foreign nations sending tourists to the US in 2022, each sending 34.2 lakh tourists.

Also, the government is boosting the number of permanent consular officers stationed at embassies and consulates. “The US Mission has already processed more than two lakh applications at our Embassy and Consulates in India and we’re on track to hit our goal of processing more than one million non-immigrant visa applications in 2023,” a spokesperson from the US Embassy stated. 

The Embassy is increasing employees, broadening the range of drop-box facilities, and opening up interview slots over the weekend in order to meet the goal while facilitating the process for Indian nationals. Visa processing times have been greatly shortened.

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