New International Education Strategy 2.0 – Better Visa Opportunities for Overseas Students

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The United Kingdom has formed a new commission to improve its policies on student visas. The United Kingdom (UK) has established a commission to collect and analyse data on the benefits of having international students studying here. Members of the commission are experts in the field of education.

The International Higher Education Commission (IHEC) has been set up to collect and organise information about the policies affecting students from different countries. Chris Skidmore, a former universities minister and current member of Parliament in the United Kingdom, is at the helm.

The commission’s goals are to promote the value of international students’ contributions to the UK’s economy and society and to make recommendations for an updated “International Education Strategy.” One of the suggestions is a study visa that would make the UK a more desirable study-abroad location. If you are considering consulting the best UK education consultants in Delhi to move to the UK for higher studies, now is the right time.

The hotel and healthcare industries in the UK are also experiencing a labour shortage. The improved immigration regulations will solve the shortage, provide chances for Indian graduates who pursued higher education and provide them with the opportunity to find fulfilling career prospects in the nation.

The Graduate Route visa, which allows international graduates to stay and get work experience in the UK, was advocated for by NISAU UK. Both British society and international students benefit from the Graduate Route Visa.

More Indian students are choosing to study in the UK since the Graduate Route was created. The previous year, study visas were awarded to almost 120,000 Indian students.

The new policy shows that the UK has plans for a comprehensive and long-term strategy towards international education. In an effort to keep international students, the UK also provides lucrative post-study employment visas.

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