Concern Over Housing Reaching an All-Time High Due to Canada’s Plan to Welcome 1.5M New Citizens

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Officials at construction sites that welcome new immigration objectives claim that builders are needed to build homes. It’s a struggle to find enough people to put pre-built walls and flooring together at the Etobicoke facility where Paul Askett oversees manufacturing. He is anticipating that a record influx of immigrants to Canada during the following three years will be beneficial. The factory’s product, which is put in Ontario homes, is in high demand, but Askett notes that the assembly floor workforce is often approximately 10% understaffed.

“It has undoubtedly been difficult. Everything for us has kind of changed since the epidemic, “Askett, Brockport Home Systems’ vice president of manufacturing, made the statement.

With roughly one million open positions nationwide, the construction industry is just one of many industries that need help filling positions.

To assist, Canada has unveiled unprecedented immigration goals: 1.5 million additional arrivals over the next three years, with 500,000 expected in 2025. Federal authorities claim that will improve the economy, but given the nation’s current housing crisis, the targets have also increased concern about where all these additional people will choose to live.

Immigrants will Need More Than Just Housing 

Given that his business frequently hires and educates new Canadians, Askett says he is encouraged by the new targets.

It’s obviously good news for us, he declared. Yes, we welcome any newbies since we can mentor, train, and progress them, hopefully leading to successful employment.

According to Paul Sullivan, a Vancouver property tax expert with Ryan ULC, a global company tax software and real estate consulting organisation, Canada needs a stronger strategy to both strengthen its ailing economy and guarantee there is enough housing and other amenities for newcomers.

Rental Markets will Face Pressure 

According to economists, any pressure on the property market brought on by new Canadians initially manifests itself in the rental market. A political economist, Ricardo Tranjan, said that tougher vacancy and rent regulations could help reduce skyrocketing rents.

More rental apartments are required, say experts and builders, even though some governments have already streamlined the construction clearance process or are now allowing laneway houses to improve density.

However, according to builders, they need workers to help alleviate the housing shortage.

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